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Speaker Training

"OUR TEAM" collectively have worked with thousands of presenters from many countries on various types of events. Their vast experience and popularity means they have a thorough understanding of what it takes to make a great presenter. Their personal effectiveness and presentation skills training has helped people to gain confidence to deliver crucial high profile presentations more effectively"

"OUR TEAM" have supplied presentation tools and training to major corporates at worldwide events for in excess of 30 years. Working closely at executive level, their popularity has been testament to total dedication and the consistently high standard of work produced. Our team work comfortably with both professional and less able presenters and have vast experience in this area. Our team's extensive knowledge in the presentations industry is reflected in their ability to work with such companies as: The Co-operative Group, JCB, Manchester United, AVON, Santander, Bench, AstraZeneca, Fresenius Kabi, Shell and Gazprom. You can read some of our client testimonials here.

Of course you're allowed to have stage fright as soon as your talk is over

Training Course Choices

The objective of our various Training Programs is to train individuals to levels which they had previously not believed possible. These highly interactive courses focus on developing presentation skills and building confidence, using innovative fresh techniques'.

Pre-event Support

We offer 1-1 presentation skills training / coaching sessions, which provides thorough pre-event support at our clients offices or presentation venue. We will work with clients in preparation for a specific presentation and coach them through their dress rehearsal sessions to ensure they are prepared and able to deliver to the highest possible standard.

Presentation Training

Thinking 'out of the box'
Memorable script openings
Closing with greater impact
Voice modulation and positive body language
Mixed intonation
Presentation delivery with variable pacing
Overcoming nerves
Working with presentation tools
Review of filmed Presentation

Pre-Event Support (Follow on)

Scripting guidance on Openings, 'meat on the bones' and Closes
Memorable script openings
Graphic support advice
Annotating the completed presentation
Script rehearsal
Filmed presentation to be analysed and feedback provided
Representing your organisation with passion
Communicating more effectively
Overcoming nerves
Effectively running Q and A sessions
Working with presentation tools

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Guides & Tip

Presentation guides

Whether it’s your first time using autocue, or you just want to polish your presentation techniques, we’re here to help. Our presentation guides offer a brief insight into some of the topics we cover in our speaker training courses.

How to stay focused on stage

| Denise Oswell

Staying focused

Get to the point! Less is best. Include features and benefits. Rid the script of surplus content and repetition


More articles

| Denise Oswell

Mixed intonation

Believe us... very few presenters are naturals! The use of varied intonation will help to deliver a presentation in a more conversational, natural manner


| Denise Oswell

Overcoming nerves

What nerves?! Having worked with the most nervous of presenters, it is so rewarding to see them overcome their nerves, grow in confidence and to deliver a presentation as good as a Pro!