Staying Focused

How to stay focused on stage

Staying Focussed is a two-pronged attack

Understanding your brief and delivering the key message is CRITICAL. To convey that message effectively is VITAL. Thorough preparation will assist the process. Being able to translate the key message into a script and to appropriately interpret it into graphics, helps to maintain focus whilst you are presenting and means the difference between effective communication or otherwise.

Be all encompassing. Focus on your audience, not on the screen that is showing your support material. Pinpoint a few friendly faces in the audience, not only to provide audience coverage, but also to give you focal points. Refer to your graphic support, but then re-focus on your audience.

Cue cards can help you to maintain your train of thought, to provide prompts or to get you back on track.

Key points to help stay focused on stage:

  1. Focus on an impactful opening to engage your audience from the offset
  2. Concentrate on the features and benefits in blocks of three
  3. Deliver a memorable close

...Create affinity with your audience. People Matter!

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